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By Lee Roberts

2014 Can Also Be 1975 Thor Release and Marvel Photos

GOODBYE 2013 HELLO 1975?
Ok, that title might not make sense, unless you have been to Mark Anderson's website Andertoons. According to what is said on the site, the calendar will repeat itself every so often and for 2014 you can use the 1975 calendar year. This might not excite most people but for me who was born in 1975 I'm quite pleased with this. Especially since Mark Anderson has posted the images, in large format, so that if you want to print it you can. Me, I'm going to print it out with Kinkos in real calendar format so that I can relive the year I was born or just look at the calendar from the year I was born. If Marvel is not for you I'm sure that you can find another one but this is the link for Andertoons so you can see what Marvel's looked like (plus I looked on ebay for the original calendar and there was one that was in a group of other years for $200, yeah I think Kinkos is the cheapest way to go).

The release date for Thor: The Dark World Blu Ray/DVD is February 25, 2014(or 1975 if that's the calendar you're using). Which I would like to have it now but got to wait, still that's a lot quicker than it used to be (sure 15 years ago) but the wait will be worth it. Mainly because the Blu Ray will include a new short film called, "All Hail the King". Taking in how the last scene between Odin(?) and Thor ended (ok I know how it did and for anyone else that watched it they know but I'm not spoiling it for anyone that's why there's the question mark) then I can guess what "All Hail the King" is going to be about (or who I should say). Which has me kind of stoked to see where they are going to take this short. Oh yeah, there's also going to be such goodies as deleted/extended scenes and even bloopers (my favorite if you read my reviews).

There were two photos released by Marvel this week. One was a first and the other was the final outcome to what will be a wedding. The wedding one was built up all week with teaser pieces being released like a jigsaw puzzle. Both are very exciting photos, though the wedding one will have me looking at it for a while longer than the other.
On to the photos.

PHOTO 1: Guardians of the Galaxy first release of the team photo.

With the looks of this photo this movie might surpass the Avengers. I actually hope it does because I really like this team. Every character is a very cool character, Gamora is the adbopted daughter of Thanos (hint hint) as well as being one of the galaxies deadliest fighters/assassins, Peter Quill/Star Lord is one of the few humans (well half human) that is able to hold his own in space with epic space battles, Rocket Raccoon (not a raccoon) is just one tough cookie, Drax the Destroyer is well it's in his name a destroyer, and Groot, I AM GROOT.

PHOTO 2: Deadpool Wedding.
You read that right, Deadpool wedding. I've been looking at this photo a lot trying to figure out who is all there and why they might be there. First off the bride has the veil on, is that Death he's marrying? I and many other think so. Mainly because Deadpool has always loved her and she has her face veiled like it always is only it's usually her cloak that's covering her face. Also if you look closely at the bouquet that she is holding it looks like a skull. It's supposed to happen this April in issue #27 of Deadpool.