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Hawaii woman tries selling dog online one hour after adoption

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A woman in Hawaii tried to sell a Jack Russell terrier online just one hour after she adapted the canine. The woman adopted the dog on Sunday, but instead of giving the pooch a loving home, she tried selling her online as seen in this screenshot posted on Reddit. Just one hour after the Hawaiian Humane Society celebrated the adoption of 10-year-old Sally Mae, she was up for sale on Craigslist for $200, more than double her adoption fees. In the ad, the unnamed woman said that she and her boyfriend were too busy to care for the dog. If that’s the case though one would wonder why she didn’t think about that before she adopted her. The Humane Society said it was disappointed about the woman’s decision to sell Sally Mae. While it is not illegal to resell a dog, the woman lied about the dog’s age in the posting and claimed that she was only five-years-old. Concerned for her medical care, the shelter called the woman to bring the dog back, which she did. KHON reported on Wednesday, that Sally Mae was successfully placed with another family, one that has not tried to resell her.