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'The Amazing Race' Recap: 'We Had A Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently (Japan)'

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

['The Amazing Race' - Season 18 Episode 3] After checking in last episode, the teams embarked on a train and were set to depart the same way they arrived. Their clue was to fly to Tokyo, Japan and find a rotating parking garage. Zev & Justin had a wasabi roll flashback from Season 12. Departures: Zev & Justin - 11:57AM Flight Time & Big Easy - 12:05PM Jet & Cord - 12:08 Keshia & Jen 12:09 Margie & Luke 12:10 Mel & Mike - 12:14 ($607) Kent & Vyxsin 12:16 Jamie & Cara Gary & Mallory - 12:26 Ron & Christina - 12:28 Jet and Cord want to book a flight before leaving, but somehow end up on a train towards the train station first. As Keshia & Jen departed, the Cowboys and Globetrotters got on the train and it departed before Keisha & Jen could make it on. Margie & Luke headed to a travel agency and soon Mel & Mike followed them. Kent with his version of a cowboy hat & Vyxsin decided to look for internet. We learn an interesting tidbit that Christina was engaged to Azaria (who raced with his sister Hendkea Season 12) and this race may be the last time that Christina could spend time with her father. Zev & Justin in their cab imagine what kind of nickname their team should have, since the Cowboys and the Globetrotters (and The Goths) have one already. Zev suggested "The Special Kid & his friend" and it at least made the taxi driver smile. At the travel agency, Mel & Mike considered that having 15 minutes for a 6:00AM arrival with one connection versus a 6:15AM direct flight. Margie & Luke were worried about cancellations and delays. Flight Time & Big Easy and Zev & Justin considered the 6:00AM flight, but decided that 15 minutes aren't worth it. Jet & Cord decided to take the direct flight via Qantas. Keshia & Jen decided to take the same flight as well. While wandering the internet, Ron & Christina chose the Qantas flight. Soon afterward Gary & Mallory arrive and ask the agents to take the same flight. Kent & Vyxsin chose the 6:00AM Cathay flight along with Cara & Jamie. Zev & Justin decided that they wanted to take the chance and headed to a Cathay Pacific counter. The connection drama continued with Margie & Luke and Mel & Mike, but Margie caved and both teams decided to take the chance with the Cathay Pacific flight. Zev & Justin tried to go to Cathay Pacific, and there were only two seats so the Globetrotters gave them the flight since Zev & Justin helped them during the first episode. Around the airport Gary & Mallory tried getting information from Margie & Luke and Mel & Mike, but Margie ignored them. Cathay Pacific Flight: Zev & Justin, Kent & Vyxsin, Mel & Mike, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara Qantas Flight: Ron & Christina, Flight Time & Big Easy, Jet & Cord, Keshia & Jen, Gary & Mallory. At Hong Kong, there was a delay where the engine needed repairs. Mel & Mike were worried because they now needed to catch up. After the commercial, the first flight had to wait for an hour. The second flight got good news about the delayed flight and Mallory threw herself a party. Soon the Cathay flight was fixed and they headed out. The Qantas flight arrived at 6:15 as all the teams scurried to the clue by the parking garage. They had to drive to the Yabusame Dojo. The contestants asked for a car as the cars rotated in the parking garage. In one sneaky, but legal, moment Jen pushed the button to get their car, negating Flight Time & Big Easy's request so they had to leave right after Keshia & Jen. Big Easy could barely fit in their provided car. Ron & Christina left before Jet & Cord but unfortunately Ron's slow driving upset Christina. The second flight arrived an hour and a half later. Margie & Luke, Mike & Mel, and Kent & Vyxsin all decided to follow each other; somewhere along the like Jamie & Cara also decided to have part of this driving caravan. Jamie & Cara have trouble getting out of the parking space and back out incorrectly. Justin joked to Zev that the girls would probably losing a mirror trying to get out of the parking lot. Zev & Justin were last to get their car and drove off in hopes of catching up. Keshia & Jen, Gary & Mallory, and Flight Time & Big Easy got lost. Ron belittled the credibility a random Japanese woman, as Christina screamed at him for being insensitive. Jet & Cord made a guess driving and just headed south. Ron & Christina were first to their destination and were excited about the finding the Roadblock, which was to perform the Yabusame Ritual which consisted of three steps for shooting a bow and arrow: Form, Bow & Arrow, and Target. Ron was worried about his eyesight, but since the show forces a minimum of five roadblocks per contestant he had to do a few. Keshia & Jen, Gary & Mallory, and Flight Time & Big Easy all arrive as Gary, Flight Time, and Jen got changed Ron failed the Form step. Jen loved the garments she got to wear, which is a good sign that she wasn't sour from wearing traditional Chinese garments back in Season 14 and being eliminated in it. Gary attempted the form step but failed. Jen and Gary wonder if they had to make the same sounds as the demonstrator. Jet & Cord were lost, but kept going south. Kent & Vyxsin, Mel & Mike, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara worried so they all stopped to think about directions. Zev & Justin took advantage of the situation and passed them. Ron continued to struggle with the Form step, but Gary succeeded with Form, but failed the Bow. In the city, Mel & Mike decided to grab Margie & Luke and ditch the rest of the people. Kent & Vyxsin must have noticed and headed with the two groups. Jen got the three roadblock steps without too much of a hitch, and got a clue to find the Kintaro Statue. Justin thought each step through. He asked himself why they would go through the steps and the increased awareness was enough for him to receive the next to get the clue. He was followed by Gary. Kent & Vyxsin, Mel & Mike, and Margie & Luke arrived as Flight Time finally finished. Jet & Cord's driving south strategy finally helped and Cord took the roadblock. Ron mysteriously made it through all the steps, which makes me assume that you only had to get the step right once, and move on to the next step. Jamie & Cara drove around the town lost and though there were worries about getting their mirror hit, they instead hit the car of another person. The driver decided to call the police instead of accepting money that Jamie & Cara were presenting him. After the commercial, the police arrived and both girls were upset that he made the situation so much more dramatic than the situation called for. At the roadblock, the remaining teams struggled with getting the steps done correctly. While driving Keshia & Jen stopped at a funeral home/process for directions. Though they got correct directions, the two felt a little awkward about the situation. Zev & Justin and Gary & Mallory arrived at the Kintaro Statue and were directed to their next Detour. The Detour choices were Prayer of Purity which was a Shinto Cleansing Ritual (don wardrobe, learn a prayer, do some physical motions, and stand under a waterfall) or Frog of Luck (don underwear and wade through a mud pit for a frog). Both teams decided to go for the Frog as Flight Time & Big Easy and Ron & Christina opened their clue: they chose Purity. Keshia & Jen arrive and do Frog. Jamie finally arrived to do the Roadblock as Luke and Cord got their clues. As she was watching the demonstration Kent and Mike got their clues as well. Zev & Justin and Gary & Mallory got into a changing tent and both teams emerged a bit embarrassed running in their diapers. As Zev & Justin walked into the mud the people around them started throwing mud. Zev got out and worried what happened to his goggles, which were conveniently on his face. Soon Gary & Mallory joined in and Mallory was screaming as they got into the mud. Ron & Christina and Flight Time & Big Easy got ready and changed into their outfits. Flight Time & Big Easy mutters their prayer and they finish as Ron & Christina had their prayer. Margie & Luke and Jet & Cord arrived and chose the Frog detour. Still in the mud, Justin finally found a frog and were instructed to drive to a Monument for Commodore Perry as their pit stop. Soon afterwards Gary & Mallory got their frog. The two teams had to hose down before they left. Justin decided to go before putting on his pants, Zev joked around about wearing no underwear. Soon Keshia & Jen arrived. Jamie finally finished her roadblock and the two headed out. Flight Time & Big Easy and Ron & Christina both went through their purification. Big Easy screamed for his mother as he emerged from the water. They worried about their fanny pack and took Christina's. Unaware of the situation Ron thought the waterfall was like being pelted with rocks. As they left Christina looked for the rock where she left her fanny pack and they couldn't find their pack. After the commercial, Ron considered that the Globetrotters took it, so they decided to just keep going. In the pool of mud, Keshia finally got the frog and the two headed out. At the changing area of the Spiritual task, Ron found their team pack at the men's changing room. He was upset, but screamed at Christina that he got the pack back. Zev & Justin stopped to ask for directions as Justin put on his pants. Gary & Mallory tried to drive and Mallory took control of directions with a firm fist. Jet & Cord and Margie & Luke went through the mud as they got pelted. Jet & Cord got their clue almost instantly as Kent & Vyxsin arrived. Mel & Mike followed into the pool. Jamie & Cara headed to the frog detour but as night fell Zev & Justin were in first place and won a trip to Costa Rica. In the sea of mud, Kent & Vyxsin got the next frog and hugged their clue provider. Vyxsin complained about the temperature. It started to get dark as Margie finally got a clue. Night fell as Gary & Mallory were in second place, followed by Flight Time & Big Easy. Jamie & Cara were worried about being eliminated as Mel & Mike thought that it was a lost cause looking for a frog. Mike wanted to quit because he was concerned for his father. Ron & Christina were in fourth place, but Christina was upset about the Globetrotters and their bag. Phil in a very bad voiceover announced that they would now be third and the Globetrotters were in fourth. Keshia & Jen were fifth and very surprised about their positioning; they must have assumed that all the other teams did the Spiritual detour. As Mike shook freezing, Jet & Cord arrived in sixth. Mel finally stopped and the two sat in an ambulance to warm up. Jamie & Cara not noticing Mel & Mike went into the cold mud. Kent & Vyxsin checked in seventh. Jamie & Cara were freezing as rain fell on Margie & Luke who arrived in eighth. Jamie & Cara found the frog and left Mel & Mike could only watch. Jamie & Cara thought they were the last when they arrived to Phil; they were shocked to know that they were ninth. Mel & Mike were last and eliminated, clearly they were washed up and cleaned after the detour. The two were in tears and Mel was proud to see that Mike was more concerned about his father than a trivial race. Leg Placement 1. Zev & Justin 2. Gary & Mallory 3. Ron & Christina 4. Flight Time & Big Easy (30 Minute Penalty Applied) 5. Keshia & Jen 6. Jet & Cord 7. Kent & Vyxsin 8. Margie & Luke 9. Jamie & Cara 10. Mel & Mike Eliminated Roadblock: Ron, Gary, Flight Time, Jen, Justin, Kent, Mike, Luke, Cord, Jamie Detour Prayer of Purity Flight Time & Big Easy Ronald & Christina Frog of Luck Zev & Justin Gary & Mallory Keshia & Jen Jet & Cord Kent & Vyxsin Margie & Luke Mel & Mike Jamie & Cara Next Week: Zev gets confused, Ron gets upset again, and Kent & Vyxsin get lost.