Goosebumps: Return Of The Mummy

Goosebumps: Return Of The Mummy

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Running Time: 
66 minutes
Bonus Features


“Return Of The Mummy” – Gabe is on vacation visiting his Uncle and cousin in Egypt. They are in search of the tomb of a prince. But when Gabe stumbles upon what seems to be the tomb and soon they all find out sometimes it is best to leave things alone.

“Don’t Wake Mummy” – Jeff is very scared of lots of things and it doesn’t help that his sister is always pulling pranks. When his father sends a mummy to their house so Jeff’s mom can start working on translating the markings Jeff’s fear is even worse. Soon though his family realizes that maybe Jeff had a right to be scared.

“You Can’t Scare Me!” – Eddie and Hat are sick of one girl. She shows off, knows everything, and makes good grades. They attempt prank after prank but it doesn’t work. Finally they decide to try and scare her with a Mud Monster; little do they know Mud Monsters exist.

Seems like an odd time of year to be releasing these; but they are still fun and give you a Halloween feel. These are really hard to review as they all have some bad costumes or sometimes the attempted special effects are weak. The acting is never outstanding even from the adults. So you have to go based on the stories. The way I see it is if your child loves straight ghosts, goblins, vampires and shows no interest in Egypt or zombies then this Goosebumps might not be the best to buy. But if they do enjoy those things or everything Goosebumps while you get no bonus features and this release isn’t as strong as past ones this should still be one they enjoy.

Review by Pandora
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