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Few high school seniors are ready for college, ACT study finds

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Examination of ACT test results from 2012 reveals that only one in four high school seniors is ready for college-level classes without any remedial help. The ACT test rates student’s college readiness in math, English, science, and reading. For every 100 students who took the exam, 25 are proficient in all four tested areas. At the other extreme, 28 students are proficient in none of the tested areas, Times reports. The remaining 53 students are proficient in at least one tested area. Getting good marks on this exam means that students have a 75% chance of earning a C or better in college-level coursework, the ACT says in its recent study . Students scored the best in English and reading. Scores in science and math have improved somewhat recently, but still need significant improvement. "State-level initiatives related to STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—may well have helped move the needle in math and science … There is clearly more work to be done," Jon Erickson, president of the Education Division at ACT told US News . States are working hard to improve public education curriculum to help students learn critical math, science, and language skills that they need to succeed in today’s reality.