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Celebrity Birthdays, August 30 - Andy Roddick

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Andy Roddick turns 30. On Tuesday, Andy Roddick defeated Rhyne Williams in the first round of the Mens’ Singles at the 2012 US Open. Roddick has come to be known for his athletic prowess and his speedy serves, one of which clocked in at 141mph during Tuesday’s match. INFDaily Andy Roddick’s love for tennis began at an early age. Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1982, Andrew Stephen Roddick grew up with his parents and two siblings. The family relocated to Austin, Texas where Andy began taking tennis lessons. Andy’s older brother, Joseph was a talented tennis player who won many junior titles. Andy eventually followed suit. Roddick’s talent became more evident and at the age of 17 Andy began playing on the professional circuit. By 2003 Andy Roddick had won The Grandslam Tournament at the US Open. Roddick quickly rose to fame and has been featured on the cover of such magazines as Rolling Stone. He was even invited to host an episode of Saturday Night Live. Roddick has used his success to support charities as well as start his own non-profit organization, The Andy Roddick Foundation. In 2009 Roddick wed model and actress, Brooklyn Decker. Andy Roddick is scheduled to play Bernard Tomic in the second round of the Men’s singles. Roddick also announced on Thursday that he will retire from tennis following the U.S. Open.