Face Off

TV Show
Air Date: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Regular Air Date: 
Tuesday 9/8C
Running Time: 
45 Minutes

Return of the Champions: Face Off Season 8 Welcomes Back Three Season Winners

Get ready, Face Off fans: Your favorite special effects make-up competition show is getting a make-over.

The upcoming eighth season (it's coming January 13 at 9/8c) will once again feature an entire new crop of artists showcasing their knack for special effects make-up, but this time they'll be joined by three returning Face Offchampions: Laura Tyler (Season 5), Anthony Kosar (Season 4) and Rayce Bird (Season 2).

The returning champions will pick a few of the new crop of artists to coach. While Laura, Anthony and Rayce won't be competing in the season's challenges themselves, they'll be a source of guidance and wisdom as they help the new artists of Season 8 conjure their many make-ups to the best of their abilities.

Even though the champion trio aren't official competitors, they do have a bit of a stake in the game: Whatever artist emerges as the winner of Face Off Season 8, their corresponding mentor will also take home top honors as well.