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Matt Reeves to make Frankenstein prequel ‘This Dark Endeavour’

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Director Matt Reeves attends the premiere of the film "Let Me In" in Los Angeles on September 27, 2010. UPI Photo/ Phil McCarten

Let Me In and Cloverfield director Matt Reeves will be adapting Kenneth Oppel’s upcoming novel, This Dark Endeavour. Oppel’s book functions as a prequel to Mary Shelley’s classic work. The upcoming novel will follow a young Victor Frankenstein, who is bound to create the Elixir of Life in order to save his twin brother, Konrad. To do so, Frankenstein seeks the help of a mysterious old alchemist. As he embarks on a journey to find him, Frankenstein is accompanied by Konrad and their best friend Elizabeth, and things get complicated among the trio. TotalFilm reports that Reeves’ Frankenstein movie will not be the only film based on the classic book character that is currently in Hollywood’s pipeline. Guillermo del Toro is planning to bring the mad scientist to the big screen, while Tim Burton is working on the 3D stop-motion feature Frankenweenie. Sam Raimi’s production company has also jumped on the Frankenstein wagon with a script entitled The Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein. Deadline reports that This Dark Endeavour: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein will be published this summer by Simon & Schuster.