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CBS interested in 'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff

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As How I Met Your Mother draws ever closer to the finish line in its final season, CBS is looking at potentially green lighting a spinoff series. The spinoff would be from a female point of view this time. Deadline exclusively reported that CBS was in talks with 20th Century Fox TV over the spinoff, which would be created through the HIMYM creators and producers Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and Emily Spivey. The spinoff would take place in New York again and feature a new group of friends and focus on a female member looking for a husband. If a deal is hatched, the new characters could potentially be introduced in MacLaren's Pub in the season finale. According to E! Online, the spinoff is currently titled at How I Met Your Father. When the rumors first started appearing, people thought that perhaps it would be taken from the mother of the current series' point of view. The spinoff would instead feature all new characters and the only real tie back to the original series would be MacLaren's Pub that the original group always met at. CBS is not the only one contemplating a spinoff, as ABC is looking into one for Modern Family, based around guest star Rob Riggle's character. image: CBS