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Angela Bassett has not only brought the portrayals of powerful women to the big screen, but the actress is a powerful black woman in real life as well. Black History Month Bassett has played numerous iconic roles such as Rosa Parks, Betty Shabazz and many more. Her captivating and elegant work has reached out to audiences everywhere, promoting black representation in film, television, and stage. Her noteworthy roles of late include the mother of T'Challa, Ramonda in Black Panther and police officer Athena Grant in the new series from FOX, 9-1-1. This Black History Month, we're celebrating all of her accomplishments in cinema and listing five reasons why the gifted actress is so iconic on and off screen. Hit next to start the list!

5. She gave an OUTSTANDING performance as the ultimate icon, Tina Turner.

In What's Love Got to Do with It, Angela played the legendary soul singer in a groundbreaking performance. This is one of the many iconic roles she has played, others include activist Rosa Parks and Dr. Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcom-X) in two different films! Her groovy performance won her a Golden Globe, truly giving her an "iconic" status. Embed from Getty Images

4. She had an on-screen love affair with Lady Gaga.

We ship it. It may not have been real, but if it was, we absolutely ship it. The couple was featured in American Horror Story: Hotel, bringing a fiery chemistry and bisexual representation to screens nationwide.

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3. Bassett plays possibly the single most important character in the new, legendary film Black Panther. 

Angela plays the Queen Mother in Black Pantherthe biggest movie of 2018. Black Panther has received praise due to bringing POC representation to the big screen, specifically in superhero movies.

In an interview with Las Vegas Review Journal, she discussed the significance of the film. “We tell our kids that you’re of kings and queens. This is the moment we can go to a movie and see our history manifested in a movie.”

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2. She is an advocate for health.

After losing her mother to heart disease, Angela started a movement in order to raise awareness. "It’s a nationwide movement — — to raise awareness about the critical link between Type 2 diabetes and heart disease," she says. "My mother, my sweetheart, and the one who helped me follow my dreams, passed away from heart disease."

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1. Angela Bassett was the first black woman to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Angela made history in 1994 when she won the Golden Globe for her role in What's Love Got to Do with It. She's paved a path for black women in film, influencing others to cast powerful black women in iconic roles.

Embed from Getty Images What's your favorite role Angela Bassett has played?