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MSNBC drama: Chuck Todd heading back to network for weekday show (Report)

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The ongoing shakeup at NBC News’ struggling MSNBC took a new turn today with reports that Chuck Todd, the current moderator of NBC’s Meet The Press, will be back at the cable network.

This morning, Politico was the first to report that Todd will host a weekday, hour-long slot that will be similar to his previous show The Daily Rundown. Todd left that show behind when he took over Meet The Press from David Gregory last summer. “Going into an election year, it makes perfect sense for MSNBC that Chuck Todd would have an hour ... to really go deep on politics,” a source told Politico. TheWrap is also reporting that more daytime moves will be coming and opinion shows might be cut as the network tries to cover more traditional news during the day. Part of the ongoing changes at MSNBC will include former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams anchoring news hours on the network. NBC News announced in June that Williams will return in mid-August and will also cover breaking news on MSNBC. It’s not clear when Todd’s show will air during the day, but it will probably start in September. Variety reports that late in the afternoon or early evening is possible. That would be a change for Todd, since Rundown aired in the morning, following Morning Joe. image courtesy of William B. Plowman/NBC