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Kim Kardashian poses for Arab fashion mag

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Kim Kardashian is no amateur when it comes to photo shoots, but the reality star had a new modeling experience when she traveled across the globe to pose for the cover of Arab fashion magazine, Hia. “I’m excited to share my cover of Hia Magazine,” said Kardashian on her blog. “Hia is the leading luxury lifestyle magazine for Arab woman and I’m honored to be on the cover. This shoot was so different from any I have done before and I’m so pleased with how the cover turned out.” While the magazine features Kardashian dressed in traditional long sleeved dresses, capes and veils, the reality star still managed to flaunt her body in a revealing white dress that shows off her cleavage. “I loved how his couture creations brought a modern twist to old school glamour,” said Kardashian in another blog post. “I wore a series of stunning veils, which added a sense of allure and mystery to the shoot!” The E! star won't have as much time for photo shoots when her new baby is born. News of Kardashian's pregnancy with rapper Kanye West broke last December, and the couple will be welcoming a new baby into the world in July.