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Nicolas Cage Explains 'Season of the Witch'

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

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Season of the Witch has been getting plenty of negative buzz, but the film's star Nicholas Cage is ready to explain what the movie's intentions in hope of making the film more acceptable for film viewers, reports MTV News. The film features Nicholas Cage as a knight who must escort a woman accused of being a witch in the Middle Ages. The film also stars Ron Perlman. "I think at some point I wanted to make movies that celebrated actors like Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, and the great Roger Corman classics that are unafraid to explore the paranormal and the supernatural," Cage explained. "These are the kind of movies that I personally watch, so it's a very honest expression for me." Cage suggestions that the films are supposed to play like a B-movie could help audiences know what to expect from the film. His co-star further explains the film and the relationship between Cage's character and his own. "Whereas Behman has a very well-articulated idea of his relationship to country and church and spirituality and God, Felson has none," Perlman explained. "He doesn't bother to spend any time thinking about that. His only thought is the next drink, the next night of whoring, and how to create as much mayhem on the battlefield as is humanly possible."