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By Lee Roberts

It's Con Time & Here Is A Easy List Of Them For You

Tis be the season. 
No I don't mean the season for Christmas, even though you could say next month is technically Christmas in July, but that is still not what I mean. I'm talking about the season of the Con. Again, no, not the type of con where someone is trying to trick you or someone else but the con that stands for convention. Get your costumes out, the prop replicas ready to do battle, comics for signing, and money for everything you want to buy from comics to sketches to getting that extra piece that you've been longing for.
Once again, it's the season of the con and we are ready.
First up is the one right here in the city I live in, HeroesCon. This one is June 19-21, which is very close, like in just 2 days short, so if you don't have tickets it's time you start looking into it. If you live close and you like comics, you should come to this con. It's a really good one for finding books, getting sketches, meeting big name talent to big name local talent, and of course there is always the very cool cosplay. 
So what other reasons is there for you to make it out to HeroesCon? Here's one that can only be said in 4 words....
STAN "THE MAN" LEE. Nuff said.
But if you want more, then just take a look at the least of guests that's going to be at the con. There's a lot of people that will be there that's some great creators and artists, like STEPHANE ROUX, an amazing artist that I got a head sketch of my favorite gal, Harley Quinn (which is my favorite of my Harley Quinn sketches) and he is also working on the new limited series that just came out today, Harley Quinn and Power Girl. There's also Mark Brooks, Time Sale, Joe Quinones, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Matt Fraction, and so so so many more. I go to this every year and every year it gets better and better with so many things to see, do, take pics of, buy, sale, trade, or just at times walk around to look at.
Next up is the big mackdaddy of the cons, San Diego Comic Con Internation, or commonly known as Comic Con, or also Comic Con Internation San Diego. However you choose to call this con, it's the con to set all cons. Though, sadly I have yet to go to it (I will one year), this con gets talked about everywhere. This is the con where the big announcements are made in every aspect of the mediums from movies, shows, books, comics, games, figures, toys, and pretty much anything you can think of. There are exclusives that make other exclusives look like they are a dime a dozen, there are whole casts to movies, and this year there will be Star Wars Episode 7 there. Now I say it that way cause I don't know the details, I'm trying to avoid details on the new Star Wars movie so I saw that there will be something going on in Hall H but I don't know what. Could have the cast there with an exclusive trailer, that's what I'm thinking, in which case I'm sure someone will post it online soon after. But there really is everything to do it but if you are looking to go last minute I think that won't happen. Getting tickets to this con is almost near impossible when they go on sale and from what I understand they are already long sold out. But even if you are like me and can't make it out there, this is the time that I really do love social media and all it's forms because there will be so many people posting and websites posting that even looking at it all day I can't keep up.
Next is one that still has some time yet but is also a huge one that should be prepared for, Dragoncon. This one is from what I've been told, the party side to Comic Con. Though Dragoncon don't have as huge a list of events like the full casts of movies like Avengers showing up but it does have some huge name actors, celebrities, and creators appearing. There's a parade, there's panels, there's comics, there's toys, there's the cosplay, dances, games, meet ups, speed dating, and so much more. This is the con that has something for everyone and I really mean that. Though it might have it in a small amount, like maybe only one panel for how to edit a film, or it's the multiple panels of the big guests, it's there and even if you can't find it there, you will find something you like. 
Some other cons, ones I don't really know about but here is a short list of ones you might live near that's coming up.
Derby City Comic Con in Louisville, KY June 20-21
Florida Supercon in Miami, FL June 25-28
Daisuki Anime Con in Cattanooga, TN June 26-28
Anime Midwest in Rosemont, IL July 3-5
Glacticon in Seattle, WA July 31-August 2
And for you internation folks...
Armageddon Expo in Wellington, New Zealand July 11-12
Auto Assembly in Birmingham, UK August 21-23
Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada August 27