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By Lee Roberts

Flash Gordon Panel at Dragon Con 2016 with Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson

Flash.. ahhhh ahhhh.
If you don’t know by that intro, this is part of the great Queen song for the insanely awesome movie, Flash Gordon starring Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson. While at Dragon Con I went to their panel and it was one of the more entertaining panels that I attended or saw while at the con. When the two walked out on the stage they are welcomed with a thunderous applause, which they deserve because they not only are the actors of one of my and many others favorite movies, but you can instantly tell they are going to be fun to listen to.
Once seated the two start right up with the fun and some jokes as they introduce each other. Setting the mood of their carefree and fun, lighthearted attitudes was the response from Sam and Melody when the moderator tells them he has a story about his name. Sam says, “Is this long or short?”, then Melody promptly follows up with, “Because they aren’t interested in you.” Everyone laughs, which happens a lot in this panel, and you can see how much fun the two of them are already having.
This was the first time for both of them attending Dragon Con and hopefully they had a good enough experience that they will return for future Dragon Cons. When the moderator announced that the fans could ask questions, Sam made the statement of, “Talk about anything, just don’t mention Seth Macfarlane or Ted to Melody”, which was followed with a lot of laughs and even a few boos. First off, if you could see the comedic look that Melody gave to this you would be laughing as well, it was priceless. Secondly, why this was an off limits for the fans to ask I don’t know, however, the way it was handled by Melody and Sam was great. Though I don’t know how serious or upsetting the topic of Seth MacFarlane and Ted are to Melody, she and Sam laughed about it and never once got upset over the topic.
Topics tackled by Melody and Sam ranged from working on the movie Flash Gordon to working in the film industry. The two had a lot to say, some more serious and almost all of it was hilarious. Even the one question when a guy asked about an adult parody of Flash Gordon the two handled it with laughter and Sam answered how at first he didn’t know what he was going to watch before realizing that it was something different.
One of the questions asked was who would be Flash if the movie got rebooted. Sam’s answer, “Absolutely me”, and though he is older than he was when first in the movie, I think he could pull it off. Both Sam and Melody have aged well and look good, so I think they could continue on in their roles. It would be nice to see a sequel, not a reboot, but a sequel. Melody answered that her role that she would like would be, “I would be Dale and I would be the president of the United States, the first woman president of the United States and Flash would be my Secretary of State”, “That would be the whole universe and we would have to do diplomatic missions throughout the universe.”
Sounds good to me.
By the way, he saved every one of us.