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By Lee Roberts

Star Wars Celebration 2017 First Guests Announced and It's Not Cheap


Alright the countdown is getting in the last days so you better start doing last minute preps. Which they really are waiting to last minute to announce the first set of guests that will be at the convention, (and I’m happy and angry at the same time over this). Let me explain the reason why I’m happy and angry over the announcement of the guests.

First off they did wait until only 63 days to post the first set of guest going.


Secondly, they did release the price of tickets for the autographs and photo ops for the guests.

The main 3 guests announced are, Jeremy Bulloch, Ian McDiarmid, and Felicity Jones. Very cool, this made me happy and excited because I will get to meet McDiarmid and Felicity Jones. More exciting is I will start getting new posters signed and possibly my Jyn Erso Funko Pop signed.


I saw the cost of tickets for Felicity Jones and if I wanted to do a photo op/autograph for her it will cost right at my half of the amount I’m spending on my hotel room for 5 days. Here are her rates.


Autograph: $200

Photo op: $250

Photo op/Autograph: $450

They didn’t even off a discount on the bundled two. At least take off $50 or $25 to make it a little better when spending $400 for someone who makes millions of dollars and will earn more from the royalties of Rogue One then most of the fans going to Celebration will earn in their whole lives. But yeah, charge $200 for her to rush people through her lines, because she’s only there the one day, so with the signing, the photo ops, and possible panel, she won’t have much time to do all of it. Accounting for all that and also that the con will only have certain hours of operation, that means she will probably only have 2 hours to sign, maybe 4 at most. That means she will rush through the lines so that everyone can get things signed, which means she won’t be talking more than hi’s, hello, thank you, have a nice day, next, and that just cost $200.


She’s in one movie, her character in the scheme of Star Wars is minor, so why so much? This is the angry part if you can’t tell.

Ian McDiarmid who is the Emperor, more wildly known, been in majority of the movies, and is a great actor, is charging $90. Now this is my idea of the high end of autographs and near my limit of amount I will pay.

Here’s what I’m now worried about. If her price is so high because she is only there a day, she’s in the latest movie, and might be flying in to do this, then what if the other big names show up? What if Daisy Ridley shows up and is there for only one day, must be flown in, and considering she is in the midst of filming the new trilogy of films will her autograph also be $200 or possibly more? If Harrsion Ford shows up will his cost $500 to get signed?

To make it worse is that they did wait until only 2 months away from the con to release these prices. Having a year to save a little at a time for the extra costs would have helped in getting the autographs of these people. However, 2 months out is not enough time to save. If you are like me where you have been estimating the prices of autographs by using past cons and prices, then I’ve budgeted between $30-$70 for most of the minor actors and then a few at $70-$100, and maybe one or two at $100-$125. Well, if you have only one at $200, and if Daisy Ridely or Harrison Ford shows up and charge $200-$500 then I can only get 1 or maybe 2 autographs but then not get to get any other actors, not get to buy anything, and basically spend the rest of the convention disappointed, sad, let down, and angry as I wish I could have done it but since I don’t earn a wage of $100 an hour I can’t afford it.

Currently I know kind of don’t want any of the other big names to show up because all that will happen is that I will be depressed that I can’t get their autographs or if I do then I will feel bad for not getting to do anything else and upset with myself for spending that amount of money. Not only that but to make it worse is this might be my one and only chance to meet some of them. So now even after saving for a year, preparing, and finally getting to go to this, I won’t be able to get Felicity Jones autograph because I must choose between getting just hers and cutting out up to 3 other actors I would want or I get the up to 3 actors and not get hers. Not a choice I wanted to make and now I must and she’s just the start of the announcements. This one price for her has put a huge shadow over my expectations of what I will and won’t be able to do at Celebration and in doing that I am now already disappointed with the convention.