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By Lee Roberts

Should A Lottery For A Ticket Be Used At A Paid Convention?

Should there be a lottery drawing for entry into a booth at Star Wars Celebration? For the Funko and Lego booths there is a lottery to win a ticket to get a time slot to go in. Is this right? Should this be done? I understand the argument for it.

There is a lottery drawing because there are so many people wanting to get in that they must do this to keep it organized or because items are limited.

Ok, yeah that can make sense in a way but not for the convention. I don’t agree with it and I hate that it’s a lottery being used to get into the booth.

If this was at the Funko or Lego store where they were holding a special event for a day or even a weekend and the items were limited, then have a lottery. That would be something that people get in for free because it’s the store and each store can only hold so many items. Star Wars Celebration is not free and it’s not a store.

Everyone going to this has spent a lot of money to go. From the day tickets to the 4 day passes, it costs near a hundred to over a hundred and for some it could cost thousands of dollars just to get a pass to get into the convention. Add on hotel costs and traveling to get there and now this convention is costing a lot of money. So now these stores that have items that these people have paid thousands of dollars so they can get into the convention to be able to buy these exclusive items are now being told that they must enter a lottery where there is a high chance that they won’t get a ticket and even higher chance they won’t get the items they want because it’s “limited”.

How is this even slightly fair or right?

These stores don’t have to supply the whole world or every one of their stores but they should supply enough items for the convention. This is not the first one they have went to so they know from the past how many people come to these conventions. They can get a good estimate of how many they need and they make them for everyone to buy. Anything left over can be sold online or at a store event. There is now worry of them not selling because out of the millions of people that wasn’t able to go to the convention will buy them if there are left overs.

If there is a ticket for these it should be a ticket for everyone with a time slot to get in. Give each person about 20 minutes in the store and the time when they can go. Make enough items for everyone and give them the times to get in and you will have a lot more people happy and you won’t be creating a scenario where you ruined someone convention that they paid thousands of dollars to get into because they want that one specific item you had and wasn’t able to get it for cost so now they have to spend maybe thousands more on ebay or at a specialty store to get it.

What this kind of lottery and having items that thousands of people want at the convention but only selling a few hundred or less is doing is giving scalpers the item to sell at a huge markup price. These stores will make their money regardless of how many they sell because they know they will sell out of them so they get their money. What this shows is the lack of caring for the customers because they got their money so sorry you couldn’t get one, why don’t you look on ebay for the item could have cost you $10-$50 will now cost you $100-$2000.

Supply the people that paid to get in, the demand will always be high even after you supply the fans at the convention.