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By Maria Jackson

Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 3, Issue 11

It's nearly here! Less than 24 hours till the end of the saga with Breaking Dawn Part 2's premier. I saw the movie last night and while I can't release details until tomorrow, I can tell you that BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 is THE BEST TWILIGHT MOVIE of the entire saga! Fans will be thrilled and others will be pleasantly surprised. If you thought of skipping this film don't make that mistake!

Check out these lovely pictures from the LA premier. Everyone looks stunning!


And I'm including the picture from the UK Premier because KStew looks amazing. It reminds of the lace in Bella's wedding dress; super stunning!


Video from the LA premier

Stephenie Meyer doesn't do as many interviews as she used to, so I was surprised to see her on Jimmy Kimmel!



What're you doing for the premier in your town? Are you going to marathon the movies? Are you going to midnight screening or holding off for a more quiet & intimate goodbye? Let us know in the comments below!!

One of the very cool things about BD2 that I also liked in the book is the introduction of all the new vampires and their powers. It can be a little hard to keep track, so check out this video!


Stephenie Meyer doesn't do as many interviews as she used to, so check out these treats below!

And I'll end with my two favorite men, Jimmy Fallon & Robert Pattinson!

Check Shakefire tomorrow for my full BD2 review!!