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Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 12

Last week, MORE Catching Fire portraits were released! Which is your favorite? I love the contrast between the spruced up & shiny Peeta vs. the true-blue District 12 Gale.

Catching Fire Cast responds to their portraits {}


Asheville, NC KOMO4News Anchor/Reporter Russ Bowmen has some very interesting tweeted some very interesting things about Catching Fire & Mockingjay! {}


One of the best and often most amazing things of being apart of the fandom is the creativity that people bring! Often, this will envolve fanfac where couples are paired up sans-canon. One of those couples is Hayffie (Haymitch+Effie)! {}
ElizabethBanks.Com provides gif proof that Hayffie is a thing.

Haymitch and Effie have that kind of banter-y relationship that definitely makes you wonder what they’re truly thinking and feeling. These two characters have known each other and worked closely with each other for years, surely there is an undercurrent of amicableness between them. If Effie truly hated Haymitch, I doubt she would have stayed on as escort for District 12, and most of the time Haymitch’s rude comments to Effie feel half-hearted. I think that beneath it all they’re attracted to each other. Some of the looks they shared in the movie certainly seemed that way. Anyone notice how Effie was always gravitating towards Haymitch on screen? And how in the books they’re always mentioned together?

Read some quotes from the book and see more gif goodness here. What do you think tributes? Is there a good case for Hayffie? Does Hayffie make your hearbeat? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to live like a REAL tribute? Katniss’ house is for sale! If you’ve got an extra $1.4MILLION laying about.

72-acres Historical Henry River Mill Village is offered for sale. This is where the famous movie “Hunger Games” was filmed; situated approximately ½ mile off Interstate 40 corridor, potentially makes it an ideal site for tourist development. The possibilities are unlimited. The landscape and fascination of this mill village makes it a national treasure. With approximately 5,000-feet of road frontage, 3,500-feet of river frontage, 21-unrestored mill cottages plus a store building.


Shockya! posted a behind the scenes photo from Catching Fire.


Also, a GREAT blending of the Catching Fire portraits