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By Maria Jackson

Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 33

This week we’ve got some great stills from an issue Vanity Fair to be released next week! I love the close up on Katniss’ wedding look!

A sneak preview of Coldplay‘s song, Atlas, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been leaked on the web in the morning hours. Check it out at


Beetee & Finnick were revealed on the Victor’s Banner. Their additions complete the banner!


Brutus is profiled by Capitol Couture this week

Game Faces: District 2’s Brutus

Coif: 6


Pout: 4


Poise: 6


CC Style Score: 5.5


With his reflective pate, barrel chest and merciless glare, this Career Tribute reeks of stamina and menace.  It’s not difficult to imagine Brutus preparing for the Hunger Games by shouldering huge chunks of stone in the quarries of his native District 2.  


Surely, his prep team didn’t require more than 10 minutes for hair and make up, but we appreciate the sheen of his imposing skull.  In the case of Brutus, less is more. His predatory gaze in this portrait suggests that he already sees a victim on the horizon. Is it handsome Finnick or mighty Katniss?


The stance of this volunteer Victor portends violence.  It has been said that Brutus couldn’t wait to get back into the arena to fight. No doubt! Just look at his balled fists, eager to pummel. (capitol couture)


See you next week, Tributes!