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By Matt Rodriguez

Judging the Budweiser Band of Buds Competition

Budweiser is in search for the greatest group of friends on the country. They have deemed this competition Band of Buds, with the grand prize being $100,000 and a spread in Rolling Stone magazine.

Entrants were to create crew profiles on the official website where they would then compete in various challenges to rack up points. The top crews in select cities were then invited to casting parties where they would compete to win a trip to Las Vegas where they will face off against other top crews from around the country.

Thursday evening, Atlanta held their crew party and Shakefire was given the opportunity to be one of the judges for the night.

First and foremost, this was a party. There was music, food, and of course, Budweiser beer. Crews and friends gathered in the Buckhead Theater for a night of fun. Crews competed in four different events; a Red Carpet Appearance, Interview, Can You Rock It (Rock Band) and the task of gathering these cards from fans for a popularity vote.

There were four judges; two were from Anheuser-Busch, one was from Examiner, and then yours truly representing Shakefire. Set up towards the front were producer chairs and a table sectioned off with velvet ropes. It was like we were the judges on American Idol or some only instead of red coke cups in front of use, we had red Budweiser bottles.

We were then given the important task of assigning scores to the crews in various categories such as personality, coolness, etc. It was the crews task to impress us with their skills. After all, we're picking out the best of the best to represent Budweiser.

The Interview section of the competition was really where most of the crews' personality was shown. We could pretty much ask them whatever we wanted and we had fun with it. Some questions included "Who was the best dancer?" and "Do your best Zach Galifianakis impression."

Once the points were tallied, the top four crews battled it out on stage in the Band of Buds quiz. The format was similar to that of the Newlywed Game. One member of the crew was separated and then asked a series of questions. It was then up to the rest of the buds to answer the same questions in hopes that their answers match.

Even though it was a competition with the first place prize being a trip to Vegas, everyone was having fun. In the end, it was the all-female crew, Klassy Krew, who took home the Budweiser trophy and will represent Atlanta in the finals. We wish them the best of luck in Las Vegas.

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