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By Matt Rodriguez

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2014: Day 2 - The Hunt Begins

Saturdays are the primetime on conventions. If you only have one day to get the most out of it, Saturday is the day to go because it typically offers the most bang for your buck, with more celebrities and the best panels to attend. Walker Stalker Con is no different.

After getting my convention floor bearings on Friday, I set out on a mission on Saturday. My objective was to get as many signatures on the official Walker Stalker Con poster I received earlier. We’re going to be auctioning it off for charity once the convention is over, with all the proceeds going to St. Jude’s. Last year we raised more than $700 so hopefully we can eclipse that.

The hunt for getting celebrity signatures was on. Everyone was in attendance, from Grace V. Cox from Under the Dome to Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead. It was exhilarating to get to shake the hands of so many people I’ve seen on TV and to see them interact and speak with adoring fans. Everyone genuinely made time to chat with fans that had questions or simply wanted a hug. It’s an amazing experience to have so many celebrities gathered under one roof.

Between going around to all the various autograph tables I managed to sneak into the Bromance Panel featuring Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, the two biggest stars of The Walking Dead. The panel was absolutely insane, with every seat in the hall filled and even the overflow room downstairs packed with people.

What’s cool about Walker Stalker Con is that everything is left up to the fans. Walker Stalkers James and Eric were there to moderate the panel, but for the most part they just made sure everything ran smoothly and let fans ask questions the entire time. It was absolutely insane as fans screamed and cheered at any moment when either of them weren’t talking. “It’s your show,” said Andrew Lincoln at one point and the panel only confirmed that. Andrew and Norman had no problem hugging or taking selfies with many of the fans who asked questions. They even brought 7-year-old Brooke up onto the stage to sit between them for a bit, although Brooke’s mother was probably more excited about it than Brooke herself. They really care for their fans, and Walker Stalker Con is their opportunity to show it.