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By Matt Rodriguez

Venture into 'Ready Player One' with The OASIS Experience

Warner Bros is teaming up with Hot Topic to present “The OASIS Experience” as part of the promotion tour for the upcoming Ready Player One. For those of you who don’t know, the OASIS is a virtual reality simulator from the year 2045 that people can log into, becoming whatever avatars they want to explore a near endless virtual universe. Check out the trailer below for your first trip inside the OASIS.

I got to adventure into The OASIS Experience myself, which is currently set up at Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta, GA. The experience consists of taking your picture in front a green screen where you’re portrait becomes a virtual reality GIF. From there, you then venture into the mobile setup to watch the above trailer alongside various iconic movie posters recreated for Ready Player One. There’s Back to the Future, The Iron Giant, Beetlejuice, Blade Runner, and many others. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that it’s packed full of classic pop culture references.


After the trailer you’re whisked away to a room where there are a couple of cool holograms including the three Easter Egg keys from the film and Parzival’s DeLorean. Among the holograms is merchandise from Hot Topic available for purchase such as shirts, hats, Funko Pops, and other little tchotchkes.


And that’s it.


To be honest I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any VR headset experience as I couldn’t think of a better way to promote the film, even if it’s just a small glimpse of a virtual reality world within the OASIS. If Insidious can do it then surely Ready Player One can.


It’s a very quick experience, and I would recommend checking it out only if you’re in the area already or if you’re going to buy any of the exclusive Hot Topic merchandise. I gotta admit the Funko Pops are pretty awesome; the Clear Parzival one looks especially fantastic in blacklight. And who knows, maybe you might even score some passes to an upcoming screening of Ready Player One like some lucky fans in Atlanta did.



















Atlanta is just one of seven stops for the OASIS Experience, and it’ll remain at Atlantic Station later today from 4pm until 9pm. From there it’s headed Phoenix on 3/23 - 3/24. Check out the tour's official website for all the location details.