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By Matt Rodriguez

Exploring 'One Strange Rock' as an Astronaut with National Geographic Channel

Over this past weekend, Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta, GA hosted an activation for the National Geographic Channel’s 10-part documentary, One Strange Rock. For those of you who don’t know what an activation is, it’s basically an immersive experience that involves more than just looking at a television screen or walking around an exhibit. One Strange Rock’s activation involved putting on an astronauts helmet and watching a 4-minute preview of One Strange Rock from the viewpoint of an astronaut in space.


The whole experience was pretty cool as the astronaut helmet provided your very own private theatre screen. They did a surprisingly good job at silencing all outside noises so it’s just you and the beauty of space. Honestly, I wish I could have taken one of the helmets home to use whenever I wanted to watch a movie or something. Fact: Astronaut helmets make every viewing experience better.


The National Geographic Channel also had a photo booth set up where you could take your picture with a One Strange Rock background as well as some goodies like notebooks, stickers, etc. for attendees to take home. The activation was appropriate for both kids and adults, and I saw a lot of families in line waiting for their turn.


In addition to the activation, Fernbank hosted a encore screening of One Strange Rock’s first episode in the planetarium. I take back what I said about astronaut helmets; watching a show in a massive 70-ft diameter planetarium is the way to go. It was a fun experience overall, and I was glad to see so many families eager to learn more about our planet.


One Strange Rock continues its 10-episode run every Monday at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel.