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Pandora Reviews The Silk'n Flash & Go

I hate shaving. It is time consuming & I am not patient. You have to keep up with it & I am a can be a bit lazy/procrastinator. And if you are extremely clumsy like me whenever it is time to do it there is a pretty high risk of the tub looking like a horror movie & your legs so badly cut that you don’t even want people to see them thus negating the whole point of shaving to begin with. Which is why I fought to be the one that got to test out the Silk’n Flash & Go.

You may or may not have heard of it so I will give a quick run-through of the machine & what it does, and then we will get into my experience with it.

WHAT IT DOES: It says that it is “intended for removal of unwanted hair”. It is also “intended to effect long term or permanent hair reduction” which is defined as “a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime”. So it is not promising that you will never have hair growing where you treat ever again though it says some users have experienced that. It is safe to use practically everywhere (even face & bikini line) and it has a built in feature that is for eye protection (it will not go off it is not completely flat with your skin). It should not be used on/near your eyes.

The treatments start off at 2 week intervals and slowly add more weeks in-between treatments. It is not suitable for all skin tones. It is not supposed to be used on recently tanned skin (including tanning beds). And should not be used on tattoos. There is a whole booklet & DVD that comes with the kit giving you a complete walkthrough of the warnings, safety, and proper use of the equipment. I just wanted to hit a few of the key points real fast. You should also do a patch test as suggested in the booklet.

EQUIPMENT: Opening the box you will see what kind of looks like a scanner that you can do gift registries with and this is the device you will use.

There is also the booklet, DVD, and power cord. On the front of the device is a disposable cartridge, this is what helps create the flash and it will have to be replaced over time as it only has so many “flashes” in it. On the top of the device are numerous buttons & lights that let you know when it is ready to go & how high your setting is. The booklet fully explains it all for you.

Ok so there you have it a brief-ish run-through; I will not bore you with the patch test I did other than to say it was done. Now on to what I experienced.

FIRST USE: I prepared as suggested (shaved, clean, dry, & free of powders, antiperspirants, or deodorants). I also did NOT wax or tweeze as it says not to do these things. I then plugged the machine in. The cord isn’t incredibly long so don’t think you can stretch it across a room; but you will not have to sit next to the outlet either. When it is turned on there is a whirring/fan sound. It is not all that loud, like hairdryer or a real fan, but you will notice it at first. I placed the device against my skin, pulled the trigger, and FLASH it goes off. I would suggest not looking directly at it when you pull the trigger. It is bright & might have you seeing stars for a moment if you do even pressed flat against your skin.

Because of how you press down it will leave a little mark (like anything that you push into your skin & will vanish fairly quickly) but this helps you know where you just treated. I then moved it up some on my leg & pulled the trigger again careful to not overlap (you are warned to not do that). And so I continued to do this process, over & over again. At times I was having to sort of twist my legs up a bit so that I could get areas of them & have the device push flat down so it would go off. It took a little bit longer than shaving as I was getting a feel for it, double checking the booklet to make sure I was doing it right but no nicks, cuts, blood, etc. (Treated areas: Legs, underarms, bikini line)

SECOND USE: Felt much more comfortable going into it. Prepared for it same as the first treatment. Followed the marks on my legs to ensure no overlapping. Made sure to not stare into the flash. And it went a bit faster this time. Not sure if it was faster than shaving; but once again no cuts, nicks, etc.; BUT then came the next day.

My legs where itchy a bit early in the morning, didn’t think much of it. Scratched & went on with my day. Eventually though they were REALLY starting to itch. Since it has been cold lately I have been wearing pants & knee socks. It wasn’t until I pulled down one of my socks that I discovered why they were itching so bad. All over my legs where I had used the hair remover were these small red clusters of bumps that where itchy & had pus (gross). I quickly checked the other areas that I used it & to my relief that is the only area that had this issue (I had also treated my underarms & bikini line)

Now I was pretty sure I did nothing different from the first use (which went wonderful). I had not changed detergent, soap, lotion, nothing; I mean it had only been 2 weeks since the first time. The bumps last about a week or so & I treated them with cortisone. But you know what, in that week time frame where I was unable to shave because of the bumps little hair grew back and in some places none after only 2 treatments.

Real fast let me issue this warning. I would not suggest to anyone to do what I am about to say I did after the 2nd treatment. I did it knowing full well that the booklet suggests to stop using the machine if you have any adverse reactions. The main reason I did it is since I am reviewing the product I honestly wanted to make sure that I had not done anything to possibly interfere & help create the reaction.

THIRD USE: I let my legs completely heal, no marks, scabs, nothing were left. This of course made it a little bit more than 2 weeks in between treatments but you are not supposed to use the device on broken skin. The day that I was going to do the treatment I made extra sure that I didn’t do anything I wasn’t supposed to. I prepared the skin as it suggests, sat down, pulled out the little booklet to check & double check, & then I started. I turned down the level of power that the flash has (there are 3 levels & I moved down to the weakest). I took extra time & slowly worked my way up paying close attention to the markings on my leg. It took me even longer than the first time but when I finished I was confident that I did everything exactly like I was directed. AND then the next day came. Once again I found myself covered in clusters of red itchy bumps & thanking myself for having to forethought to only treat my legs this go around just in case the rest of my body did have a reaction.

THOUGHTS: So what does this mean? Well really I don’t know. I checked around, read up, scoured the internet, and didn’t really find anyone having the same issue as me. I did the patch test & a whole treatment without any issues. Nothing was changed in my household. And even if the sun was out to tan in I wouldn’t be doing that because I actually work hard at staying pale. I’m not really sensitive to much. I wear make-up, use normal laundry detergent & lotions. But like I said it does not seem to be a common problem among users.

Now let’s take away the issue of my skin reaction. The machine seems to do what it promises. There is a decrease in hair growth. In some areas where the hair is growing it is at a slower pace & is thinner. In some areas there is no hair growing even after not being to shave for over a week. I have to say it makes it kind of tempting to give it one more go just to see if I can get all over coverage.

-     Sometimes when the flash goes off you may experience a pop feeling against your skin. For me it was similar to a mild static pop that you sometimes get.
-    As I mentioned before it is not for all skin tones or those who plan on tanning while using this machine. Please check carefully before buying if it will work on you.
-    Your skin may redden a little after use, this is should clear up after 24 hours (this is not referring to bumps, blisters, or burns but just simple redness of the skin)
-    The cartridges only have so many flashes in them so if you are planning on doing numerous treatments there is a good chance you will have to buy more. I treated my legs 3 times & other areas 2 times did not have to replace.

Silk’n Flash & Go  on their official site is $299. This includes the device with cartridge plus 1 bonus cartridge, the power cord, booklet, and DVD. Replacement cartridges are $45. They do have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (details are here).

Ok, promise I am wrapping this up. I am completely torn on this product. Yes it was easy to use. Yes it is cheaper & easier than going in to a place that does hair removal (and perhaps a bit more comfortable as a stranger isn’t all up in your business). Yes there is a return policy so if you are not seeing results or have issues you can get some of the money back you invested. And yes I was seeing results that they promised: no to little hair growing back. But it did cause me to break out in very itchy gross bumps that had me hiding my legs. And for that reason I cannot fully recommend this even though it seems to be a very rare occurrence.