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Miley lines Disney's wallets while Rogen can't defend himself and Dragonball just sucks

Miley Cyrus stretched her pop fame a little longer this weekend while Seth Rogen kept status quo and Dragonball Evolution couldn't even live up to the disappointing expectations everyone pegged on it.

Dwinling audience?  Not exactly.  Despite what some have claimed, Miley Cyrus' fame is not fading, at least not any time soon.  After the tremendous failure of Disney colleagues the Jonas Brothers' theatrical attempt, Miley redeemed the Disney Channel name with an opening $3 million higher than her surprisingly enormous opening of the concert movie Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.  The numbers seem a bit skewed at first, however, as her latest outing opened on over 400% more theaters.  The movie, as expected, was very front-loaded, taking in over half of it's weekend take on Friday and numbers should continue to fall sharply as the weeks go on, possibly tallying around the same as her concert movie ($65 million).  No records broken here but a very solid opening indeed.

OBSERVE AND REPORT ($11,140,000)
Anna Faris took a dip from the August opnening of her headling The House Bunny ($14 million) but was her second highest opening without the words "Scary Movie" in the title.  As for Seth Rogen, he upped his tally from October's Zack and Miri Make a Porno ($10 million) which was a sharp dip from August's Pineapple Express ($23 million) as well as 2007's Superbad ($33 million) and Knocked Up ($30 million).  Not to mention the recent hit Monsters Vs Aliens ($59 million), but that is just a voiceover, does that really count?

Ahh, Dragonball.  The movie that no one thought should or could be made into a movie ended up being the movie that...well, shouldn't have been made into a movie.  The most popular manga and anime of all time clunked it's way clumsily into the box office fray this weekend, getting knocked out faster than you can say kamehameha (if you can say it, that is).  This failure was seen from a mile away as Director James Wong (The One) alienated fans by altering the storyline so much that it was only recognizeable by name (and, even that can be argued as the story can be more closely assimilated with Dragonball Z and not Dragonball, in which Goku is seen as grade school age).  This was perhaps Wong's highest profile movie of his career but the first to fail to generate a double digit opening weekend behind Final Destination ($10 million), The One ($19 million) and Final Destination 3 ($19 million).  To make matters worse, the movie failed to even make as much as the recent flop Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.  And, to make matters even WORSE than that, if numbers hold, it will have generated less than $1 million on Sunday.  For a high profile action movie based on a built-in audience source, this one was just a failure all around.  Seems like the spirit bomb backfired this time.  If you don't believe me, just head on over to Matt's review.

The full weekend box office ticked in as follows:


TW LW Title (click to read review) Weekend Gross Total Gross
1 N Hannah Montana: The Movie $34,000,000 $34,000,000
2 1 Fast & Furious $28,783,000 $118,042,000
3 2 Monsters Vs. Aliens $22,617,000 $141,009,000
4 N Observe and Report $11,140,000 $11,140,000
5 4 Knowing $6,670,000 $68,006,000
6 5 I Love You, Man $6,412,000 $58,997,000
7 3 The Haunting in Connecticut $5,710,000 $46,297,000
8 N Dragonball Evolution $4,650,000 $4,650,000
9 6 Adventureland $3,433,000 $11,450,000
10 7 Duplicity $2,997,000 $36,848,000


 Source: Box Office Mojo