Alarm Clock Conspiracy: Harlequin

Music is not always the easiest subject to classify, even though there are many genres to pick from. Having those many genres is part of the problem when it comes to picking out a style of music to label a band as playing when that band has dipped into a variety of those genres for their music.... Read more

32 Below: Every Little Thing About You

Take pop music with the fun beats that get put in you a fun dancing mood, add that to the energy that rock gives to the pop, and finish what you get from the blending of pop and rock with country and what do you get? A band called 32 Below is what you get.... Read more

The Oak Ridge Boys: Boys Night Out

1. You re The One 2. American Made 3. (I m Settin ) Fancy Free 4. Love Song 5. Y all Come Back Saloon 6. Sail Away 7. Dream On 8. This Crazy Love 9. Trying To Love Two Women 10. Come On In 11. Make My Life With You... Read more

Deer Lodge: A Tribute to George Jones

George Jones is a country music legend with a career that spanned over 50 years and many number one hits. His music has touched a lot of people as well as inspiring them to start a music career themselves.... Read more

Moonshine Bndits: Calicountry

The Moonshine Bandits' 2014 album Cali Country was executive produced by none other than Country superstar Colt Ford and Average Joes' CEO Shannon Houchins.... Read more