The Electro-Lights: Oddities and Contradictions

The Electro-Lights was formed as a duo band mid-2012. Emerging from many different styles of music Oliver Meacham and Samuel Mahler came together and formed something truly different.... Read more

Rain City Rockers: Mayday

Four guys from four already established bands have come together to form a all new group called, Rain City Rockers.... Read more

The Hawks (of Holy Rosary): What Team Am I On

When you was in school did you and your best friend ever want to form a band so that you could sing about all the things that was on your mind and what you was going through and the later become famous with your own record for people to listen to?... Read more

Everything Ever: Solid Ground

Whatever year it is right now you can be sure that one day everything that's happening in that year will become retro. Right now I think it's the music of the 90's that has become retro because I'm hearing more and more bands using styles from then.... Read more

The Faint: Doom Abuse

Doom Abuse, the seventh album for the indie rock/dance/punk band The Faint was released on April 8, 2014. While listening to this album I realized that the Faint is a band that likes to have a lot of nihilistic meaning to their songs.... Read more