Daytime’s Greatest Weddings

“Daytime’s Greatest Weddings” brings you the soap opera weddings from ABC. Journey through memorial clips of General Hospital, All My Children, and One Life to Live. Fights, bombs, murder, and lies are all staples for any soap wedding and believe me you will get your fill.... Read more


Warning: Steven Spielberg’s Taken is extremely addictive…at first.  About two-thirds in, this extravagant mini-series, highlighted by the delightfully hated performance of Heather Donahue (Blair Witch Project) and the amazing acting of young Dakota Fanning, begins to fizzle and lose it’s luster l... Read more

Once and Again

Up next is ANOTHER ABC show cancelled, not for lack of originality, but rather a lack of audiences, much like the afore mentioned Sports Night and Homicide.... Read more

Sports Night

Touted as a “show about a show about sports that really isn’t about sports at all,” Sports Night is quite possibly one of the best shows ever to grace the television and possibly one of the most disappointing cancellations since Homicide.... Read more