No Rest for the Wicked: The Cast and Writers of Banshee Talk Season 4

No Rest for the Wicked: The Cast and Writers of Banshee Talk Season 4
Banshee, the violent, sexy, over the top drama Showtime staple begins its last season on April 1, 2016. While the fights, the flamethrowers, and the skin draws you in, it’s the characters that kept viewers coming back for more. Over the past three years the story of the mysterious “Lucas Hood” (not the character’s real name, played by Atony Starr) has sprawled over the tumultuous town of Banshee, revealing even more mysteries. This unsuspecting town cradles Amish, Native Americans, Black people and devout racists; making it truly one of the most diverse shows on the screen. The melting pot of Banshee often boils over in a spectacular amount of broken bones, blood and passion.
I was lucky enough to catch up with lead writer Matthew Rauch and Adam Targum, actors Antony Starr, Ivana Miličević, Matt Servitto at ATVFest back in February and asked them all about the upcoming season.
Shakefire (SF): Will there be any rest for the wicked on this upcoming season?
Matthew Rauch (MR): It’s all relative. I think that we have done what we needed to do with these characters. This being the final season of Banshee and knowing all of these characters, everyone is convinced that everyone is going to die, and that’s not necessarily true. I will tease that there are certainly some deaths--there certainly are! We’ve told all the stories we’ve wanted to and it was very important that we were not a show that out stayed its welcome; there’s nothing worse than that.
Adam Targum (AT): The first episode turns everything on its head.
MR: I was a fan of the show before I wrote on the show because there was nothing else like it on television. Historically the show had a real element of external foils coming down. With season four, our initial goal is to look inward on the town. This allowed us to take characters and open them up.
AT: You can’t make the show bigger, so taking a look at the characters created a nice dovetail for a lot of storylines for gothic drama.
SF: How many pairs of glasses are there?
AT: In season four we changed the design of the glasses. They’re slightly meaner, darker, sharper and I had two pair. I actually have the glasses from when we wrapped
MR: I’ve been looking for those!
SF: How does it feel to be in the last season?
Matt Servitto (MS): We didn’t know it was the last season until about halfway through. We did not go into the season knowing. There were rumors and whispers, but every year we held our breath. Once we got the word that show was ending, it tainted everything. As an actor, emotions start creeping in, ‘Oh, this is the last time I’ll be on this set. Oh, this is the last time I’ll work with this actor.’ It’s maudlin and I hated it! I almost wish I had no idea it was the season and had someone tell us two months after I finished it. It’s not a teary show, but you’d be surprised how emotional tough people can be. I’ve been in television 25 years and this was a ride unlike any other including Sopranos.
We’re asking the fans to go on a ride with us and once you get going, it won’t stop. Every episode this season is like a season finale.

SF: What are you looking forward to the fans seeing?
Ivana Miličević (IM): I don’t know, because I can’t say it! I guess I wonder what they’ll think over the story we came up with. I’m just excited to talk to them on Twitter. 
SF: What is your favorite episode?
IM: Season one, episode 8 or the Unicorn episode.
SF: What was it like using a flame thrower?
IM: Very awesome.  I was thanking the writers in so many toasts after that episode!
SF: Are we going to learn some more surprising things?
IM: Kerry is surprising this year. The way she chooses to deal with her demons are interesting. EVerything she does is because she believes she can fix it.
SF: Will there ever be any rest for the wicked in Banshee?
IM: No, I don’t think so. I don’t think there will ever be any rest. 
SF: What can we expect from Lucas this season?
Antony Starr (AS): Banshee has been very much about Lucas smashing into the world trying to find out who he is and who he belongs with. Season four we’ve been able to really internalize it and it becomes more about Lucas asking, “Who the fuck am I?” Maybe the same questions, but with the finger pointed back on himself. It changed the shape and the nature of the story and that’s why I think it makes season four the best. It still has action and everything that people have come to love about the show, but now it has a little bit more depth. 
SF: Will there be rest for the wicked in Banshee?
AS: There will never be rest for the wicked. Season four in a word is about consequences; all the birds are coming home to roost. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes they happen to bad people, but bad things happen to people in general.
SF: Will we learn Lucas Hood’s real name?
AS: We’ll just settle with Mr. Big. I think if you ever knew Lucas’ real name, it would take some of the mystery away. Maybe you will know by the end of eight episodes, maybe your will. 
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