Introducing You to 'The Brint Koston Show' with Brent Costin

Your typical third graders are busy improving their skills in math, science, and social studies (do they even still call it that?). 9-year-old Brint Koston is far from your typical third graders.... Read more

Z Nation's Keith Allan Talks Zombies at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015

So I got to do an interview with one of the actors from the show Z Nation that airs on SyFy Channel over the past weekend at the Walker Stalker Con.... Read more

Toru Uchikado Talks 'Heroes Reborn'

Actor Toru Uchikado is a newcomer to television with his debut role in NBC's Heroes Reborn as Ren Shimosawa, a young Japanese gamer who’s storyline unfolds as he joins ‘Miko’ (played by Kiki Sukezane) on her journey of being a “Hero.” We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions abo... Read more

'Archer' Executive Producer Matt Thompson Talks Season 6

Shakefire had the opportunity to speak with Matt Thompson, one of the Executive Producers of Archer alongside series creator Adam Reed, to discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming sixth season of the show as it returns to the series' espionage roots after last season's departure wi... Read more

Miguel Pinzon: The Interview (Mystery Girls)

MIguel Pinzon stars in ABC Family's new series Mystery Girls in which he plays Nick Diaz, the new assistant to the decective duo Holly Hamilton and Charlie Contour. Shakefire had the opportunity to talk with Miguel and discuss the show and his role.... Read more

Italia Ricci: The Interview (Chasing Life)

Chasing Life is an upcoming ABC Family drama series about a young up-and-coming journalist who is diagnosed with cancer and must now deal with the results.... Read more