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Alarm Clock Conspiracy: Harlequin

Music is not always the easiest subject to classify, even though there are many genres to pick from. Having those many genres is part of the problem when it comes to picking out a style of music to label a band as playing when that band has dipped into a variety of those genres for their music.... Read more

Jourdan Myers: Ruin Me With Love

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Jourdan released her second album Ruin Me With Love, a complex work that showcases Myers' signature sound, drifting from alternative to avant-garde w... Read more

Blue Tofu: Our Room

Just how many people does it take for a band to have a good sound? Five? Maybe the typical four? For this review that I'm doing for the band called Blue Tofu, it only takes two. That duo is singer Andrea Mathews and composer Tim Story and their talent is being put into their album, "Our Room".... Read more

Jefrey Au-Go-Go!: Jefrey Au-Go-Go!

I’m so excited to introduce my brand new album ‘Jefrey Au-Go-Go’!!! It comes out Jan 20th and to getcha excited here’s the first look at the first of many videos “Peter The Pushy Puppy.” Enjoy and please share!! ... Read more

Sarah Donner: That is a, Pegasus

Who is Sarah Donner? That is the question I was asking myself before listening to her new and sixth studio album, “That is a, Pegasus”.... Read more

AC Myles: Reconsider Me

Blues rock or maybe it's blue jazz, you could call the music of AC Myles one of those or maybe both, but whichever of the two you pick it's hard not to call his music good.... Read more