The Zero Theorem

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Running Time: 
107 minutes

For most people wanting to find what will make them happy or some sort of answer to the many questions we for just being around will go looking for them out in the world. However, for programmer Qohen Leth (played by Christoph Waltz), he looks for his answers in the form of a phone call. Each day he waits for that phone call that will make him happy or give him his answers but he's afraid that by being at work he will miss getting that call. After getting his request to work from home, the company Mancom, that Qohen works for has put in a super computer into his home that he will use to solve the mysterious mathematical formula called the Zero Theorem. Months go by with Qohen working on the formula where he starts to believe that he has missed that one call for his happiness. His work now believes that he is insane, an AI therapist has diagnosed him with all sorts of mental problems, and he is having nightmares of a black hole.