The CW renews Supernatural, Smallville and others

More than a few people can let out a sigh of relief today, as The CW has renewed a half dozen of its staples. The early pick ups are not only a good sign that the shows will live on, but also the network. As the underappreciated stepchild to the major networks, the CW's unimpressive ratings made it a candidate to go belly up.

But that clearly isn't the case, as noted by the six renewals.

Leading the way is the (sort of) surprising pick up of Smallville, which will enter its ninth season. The current season was thought to be its last with the exodus of several key actors and producers, but the tale of young Superman will live on. And that problem of re-signing Tom Welling to return as Clark Kent? We're going to go ahead and guess that those negotiations worked out well for both sides.

Smallville's Thursday night partner Supernatural will also come back, riding ratings growth to a fifth season. While not really in danger of being canceled, stranger things have happened at The CW.

The no-brainer of the bunch was Gossip Girl, which is the network's most talked-about series (though not most-watched). With its unimpressive ratings, Gossip Girl proves that all it takes is a perfect concentration on a specific demographic to keep revenue coming in and a show on the air. Also getting a return ticket was One Tree Hill.

90210 will be back for a sophomore season, but there is still concern for its fellow freshman Privileged, which remains in limbo (the show's season finale is tonight).

And finally, America's Next Top Model will return for cycles 13 and 14.

Also missing from the list, and we don't think this is a mistake, is 13 Fear is Real.

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