Atlanta brings art and music together for 'The Soloist'

On Tuesday April 21, 3 days ahead of the theatrical release of the high profile Jamie FOxx/Robert Downey Jr. vehicle The Soloist, Paramount Pictures invited people out for a free concert and art exhibition at the city's green gathering point, Centennial Olympic Park.

Inviting workers out for a free lunchtime concert featuring the band The Instruments, Paramount was hoping to spread awareness for the deeply emotional and real life story about journalist Steve Lopez (Downey Jr.) and his discovery of street musician Nathaniel Anthony Ayers (Foxx).  The event featured a unique demonstration of artist Michelle Brotherton creating a beautiful piece of art inspired by the music being performed on stage by the Athens, Georgia based band.

The music, giveaways and art inspired others to sit down, take a few minutes out of their hectic day and create art of their own.  A unique experience to bring people together during a rough economt to promote a movie just as unique.

Peter Oberth
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