Exclusive clips from LOST coming to Shakefire

Originally, ABC, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof said that no clips would be released of the season 6 premiere of Lost.  Though disappointing to fans, it was understandable as it was thought that it would completely spoil the massive cliffhanger that was season 5's final episode. 

Now, the powers that be have apparently changed their mind and ABC has promised us not one but THREE clips of the premiere before it airs.  We will be getting one clip delivered to us late Saturday night and two more clips late Sunday night (if all goes well, these should go live in our VIDEO section by midnight ET on those respective nights).

Until then, they have delivered a short featurette simply titled "Fate" featuring a voiceover from Michael Emerson's Ben taken from that fateful season 5 finale.  Watch the video and tune back in here this weekend!

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