View the 'Shutter Island' Super Bowl spot here

After a few delays, Martin Scorcese's 'Shutter Island' is finally seeing the light of day, opening February 19.  The delay, caused by what Paramount claimed was a "lack of proper funding" in the last quarter of 2009, is being treated with full pockets now as they put up the big bucks for what they released as the "Big Game" spot, something they can't legally call a Super Bowl spot, but we can.  Aside from us being able to call it a Super Bowl spot, we have the extended trailer for you right here for your viewing pleasure.  In the age of what has become a no-commercial generatio thanks to DVR, what better support can a studio show it's movie than spendinf $3 million on a spot that is almost guaranteed to be watching during what many use as, not a time to watch the two best teams in the NFL face off, but to watch countless funny and new commercials.  Go Leo!


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