Karl Urban As Judge Dredd?

The idea of Karl Urban playing Judge Dredd in the new film started as a rumour, but it has quickly mutated into word of an offer, with Urban himself tracked down at Comic-Con to confirm that he’s now having serious discussions about the part.

Cornered by Film School Rejects at the press conference for retired spy thriller Red, Urban admitted as much: “I can’t say too much about it, but I have been offered the role and we’ve been having discussions. We’re working on it.”

The Dredd movie in question is of course the new 3D take penned by Alex Garland, with Pete Travis slated to direct it in South Africa.

Urban admits he’s a massive Dredd fan, and while he apparently won’t be taking his helmet off at all during the movie, he’s not a bad choice for the steel-jawed lawman.

What say you of the choice? Would you back Urban as Dredd?

Peter Oberth
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