Josh Holloway On For Mission: Impossible

That sound you hear is a thousand female Lost fans suddenly deciding that maybe they’ll let themselves be dragged to see whatever the next Mission: Impossible movie ends up getting called – as producer JJ Abrams has added one of the castaways to the new film in the shape of Josh Holloway.

It’s his first big gig – heck, the first acting job he’s really taken since the show wrapped this year. And he now busy negotiating a deal to join Tom Cruise’s task force. While this is exciting news for him, we’d caution Holloway to remember what happens to non-Cruise/non-Ving Rhames members of the team. They usually end up dead, or just don’t show up again. While we really hope he gets to call Cruise "shorty" or some other nickname on camera, we naturally don’t know exactly what will happen to him, since Abrams is making sure Brad Bird and his cast keep quiet.

And that cast has been swelling for a while now, with Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Vladimir Mashkov, Michael Nyqvist and Paula Patton all aboard.

Cruise and Bird (which sounds to us like a wacky cop comedy show duo) have been busy scouting locations for the movie and it’s set to start shooting shortly in Vancouver, Prague and Dubai for a release next December.

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