Tron Legacy Wins At The US Box Office

We’re not sure that Disney will be exactly breaking out the lightcycles for a victory lap round the office, but Tron Legacy  did at least manage to score first place on what turned out to be a very soft weekend at the box office across the pond. The new Tron  outing took in $43.6 million, which was just shy of what the Mouse House was probably hoping for, especially given the expensive price tag on the movie. But combined with some other international territories (such as over here) it has made around $66 million.

Yogi Bear scraped together $16.7 million in second place, with audiences clearly not quite as enchanted by the CG creation as Warners might have liked. Still, it was able to push The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader into third place, with Aslan and company grabbing $12.4 million in their second week on release. Fourth place went to The Fighter, as Mark Wahlberg and director David O Russell’s scrappy film punched above its weight, jumping up from 19th place thanks to an expanding release schedule. The prize purse for the film was $12.2 million, with a current total of $12.6 million. Rounding out the top five we have The Tourist, which seems to be on a quick trip down the charts, making $8.7 million.

In sixth place, Tangled took $8.6 million, while Black Swan dropped one place to seventh with $8.3 million.

James L Brooks will be in even less of a celebratory mood as his latest, the Paul Rudd/Reese Witherspoon/Owen Wilson romantic comedy drama How Do You Know only managed to arrive in eighth place with $7.6 million, and will face a real struggle to get anywhere near profit considering its $120 million budget. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 earned $4.8 million in ninth, and Unstoppable shunted into 10th place with $1.8 million.

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