7Lions: Quickie 10

Los Angeles' 7LIONS have just premiered the official video for "Born 2 Run," the lead single from their upcoming debut EP. The clip features a performance by the band, which includes rapper Prophet, singer/guitarist Forrest Fulmer, keyboardist/producer Morgan Taylor Reid, guitarist Will Carpenter, bassist Daniel Hange and drummer Tony Tommasi. Signed to superstar producer RedOne's 2101 Records (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull), 7Lions is an eclectic fusion of hip hop, rock, and electronic music.

1. Last thing you bought?
A pair of vintage Ray Bans

2. How many countries have you been to?

3. What is your best physical attribute?
Double jointed vocals

4. Most overrated movie?
Hunger Games

5. Do you like spicy food?
Yes Ghost Peppers all the way

6. In a post-apocalyptic world what would be your weapon of choice?
A battle android that works with Siri voice command

7. What did your last fortune cookie say?
You were born to run

8. Guess what?
Our old band name was Terra Incognita

9. Is it just coincidence that you use numerics in your band name and in your single "Born 2 Run" or is there significance to that?
I didnt want people to hear about the song and search and only find the one by The Boss (Bruce Springsteen).lol

10. Your music has gained popularity through several different sports.  Do you have any songs that you think could become stadium anthems for years to come?
Yes "Taking Over"

Interview by Kara Johnson