Carbon Tigers

Carbon Tigers

Carbon Tigers is a four piece pop/rock band from Chicago, IL. We talk to them about things.

Bundle up or brave the cold?

Bundle up THEN brave the cold! I’m from San Antonio, TX where this white stuff called snow doesn’t exist

Last channel you were watching on TV:

That’s going to be FX - American Horror Story!

Ever play corn hole?

This question scared me. So I googled it. And if it’s referring to the bean bag tossing game (people call it ‘bags’ in Chicago) then yes haha

Do you still hang up stockings at Christmas time?

If I was staying in the city, I would but since I’m going back home for the holidays they’d remain empty (no bueno)!

Last time you visited a museum?

Oh boy…. does someone’s granny’s house count? haha I really don’t know - I guess I need to get out more

First thing you like to do when you get home?

The first thing I like to do when I get home is lay on the couch for about 10 minutes, give the room a nice feel for what a scream sounds like then get back up and go out.

Do you own any records?

Ohhhhh buddy do I own some records! We’re currently looking at getting something bigger to hold all of our vinyl

Favorite cartoon character?

Favorite cartoon character is easily Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pizza and jokes - what more could you want?

Why did you choose to only release 100 hard copies of your EP?

Hard copies don’t move like they did 15 years ago… We wanted to make something really special for the people that bought a physical copy of our EP and a very limited run seemed to only enhance that thought process. There’s also artwork that will only be pressed once inside of those 100 copies.

Are you going to continue to only release EPs as you have or do you have plans for a full length in the future?

I’m sure we’ll do a full length in the very near future ;)

Interview by Kara Johnson