Cory Lamb

Cory Lamb: Quickie 10

Intoxicating lyrics with a powerful beat is what you think of when you hear Cory Lamb’s music. The music is contemporary rock with a production sophistication rarely found from today’s emerging artists.

Cory is not only a lead singer but a songwriter. Cory’s music is personal and relatable, telling life stories that brings back memories for virtually anyone who listens: there is a reason for that – many of the songs are about his own life, for that matter everyone’s life. “Tell Me That It’s Over” which Cory co-wrote talks about a relationship he was in but wasn’t sure where he stood with his girlfriend, and “Kate” another song he co-wrote, is a song about the perfect girl.

1. Something you have to see before you die?
A U2 concert!
2. Do you think your music would fit better on Rock Band or Dance Central?
I would say both.
3. I will never:
I will Never not live life to the fullest.
4. Favorite "getaway" place:

Jackson, Wyoming
5. Describe yourself in 4 words:
Fun Energetic Happy
6. You are very interactive with your fans on Twitter and Facebook, is this a conscious tool you are using or are you addicted like the rest of us?
I love it!  I definitely want to engage with my fans of my music.  It’s a great connection point”
7. Best movie of 2011 was:

Real Steel
8. Last app you downloaded?
9. The video for "It's a Good Day" has been very popular online and in retail outlets across the country.  In the post-MTV world, how important do you think videos are to the success of your music?
I think the visual of a music video give the listen(er) a way to connect on another level with the artist. 
10. To what extent is your faith associated with your music?
My music is inspired by my faith. I hope by writing music like this it will help other(s) find (their) fit in the world.

Interview by Kara Johnson