Teen Rocker DIAMANTE just scored two more wins at the 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards with her yet to be released and anxiously awaited new hit single "GOODBYE." At only 17, this rocker with her self written songs takes home Best Rock Record for two years in a row. Winner of the 2012 Indie Music Channel Awards Best Young Rock Artist, Best Rock Recording, Best Music Video with "Impossible" and Teen Artist of theYear! She comes fresh off winning the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and landing a spot on the Vans Warped Tour 2012!

Are you clumsy?

I read this first question and I literally asked myself "Woah! How did they know?" Haha yeah, I have been known to be super clumsy. For some miraculous reason I have yet to fall on stage, but I have taken a good couple falls in my life. I once fell down a flight of stairs the first time I ever wore boot heels at a movie premiere. I was thirteen at the time and as I was shaking the director's hand, I just toppled down. The experience was so traumatizing, that I didn't wear heels for the next three years.

Freaks or Geeks?

Freaks definitely! Although I admit I have been a geek for the majority of my life, I think freaks are so much more exciting, and I always go for the more exciting option now.

When is the last time you had peace & quiet?

I'm actually lucky because I get peace and quiet a lot of the time. After a hectic couple of days for example, I always get to have relax days where I'll just listen to music all day, go for a run, tan, and just relax by the pool. I like solitude so I will often go sit at cafes by myself and just settle in with a good book or do schoolwork.

Do you have a savings account?

Yeah, I have a combined checking and savings account with my debit card. I've only had it since last year when I was living with my friend for six months, and I practically had to live off of it because my parents were in Mexico.

What TV show would you miss the most if it was cancelled?

It's not cancelled, but my favorite TV show just happened to end! "Breaking Bad" was the greatest thing ever, and now I feel completely lost and I really don't even know what to do with myself because it was just so great.

Do you drink coffee?

I don't because I never really liked the taste and I don't ever want to become dependent on it. I drink a lot of tea instead, especially in the mornings because it makes me feel super good and it's great for recording and performing.

Last compliment you received?

A girl at a party the other night approached me and complimented me on my hair which was cool! We laughed because she said it was the first thing she noticed when my friends and I walked through the door.

Describe your fashion style:

I used to have absolutely no sense of fashion. I was always dressed in cargo pants, Spider Man t-shirts, and the same sneakers as a kid. I've always been a super tomboy when it came to clothes and I used to hate going shopping. It's only been recently that I've fallen in love with fashion because I realized it's a huge factor in defining who you are. Now I wear a ton of flea market clothes, usually stuff like graphic band tees, vintage boots, flannel, leggings, leather everything, hand-made shorts, and I always walk around with an exaggerated amount of bracelets. Always.

Most people will see your age and assume that you would be a bubble gum pop singer. How hard is it to differentiate yourself from that age stereotype?

It's always been difficult, especially at the beginning, because as soon as I started making music, everyone immediately assumed I wanted to make pop based on my age. It was a long battle that I continue to go through but I don't let my age effect who I am and what I want my music to sound like. It isn't so hard anymore to differentiate myself because people hear my music and see my look, and they understand that there is no bubble gum pop anywhere.

You have already won or have been nominated for numerous awards. What is the next step for your career?

I plan to keep making music for sure. I'm working on an album at the moment, and I also plan to tour everywhere. There's no stopping or slowing down for me. Everything I've accomplished so far is only the beginning.

Interview by Kara Johnson