Chicago's Empires have unveiled a new track entitled "Honeyblood" from their new album Orphan, out now via Chop Shop/Island Records. The band is gearing up for a slew of tour dates to kick off the fall - the first of which will be with fellow indie rockers Augustines, starting on September 17th at the world famous Troubadour in Los Angeles. Empires will also make appearances at Midpoint Music Festival along with Austin City Limits, in addition to landing a spot on the upcoming EA Sports NHL 2015 game with their single "How Good Does it Feel."

Are you a tech person?

Yes. Only with iMessage and instagram tho

Light or sound sleeper?

Sound deep sleeper

Do you ever look up your symptoms online?

100% of the time.

Are you good at math

Ehh. When it comes to my debit card.

It would be great if:

We had wifi in the van

Can you change a tire?

Never have..but if I had my iPhone to YouTube how, I think I could.

Dream band to open for or have open for you?

Hmmm. Prince

What was the last job interview you went on?

I don't think I've had one

Was is difficult to separate your fascination with the late 80s post-punk scene with developing your own sound?

No. Orphan I feel Is a melodically driven record. Sean's melodies are the focus of each song. Finding the right instrumentation was tedious. But process was still fun and rewarding in the end.

It seems you found a lot of inspiration when creating your new album. Was there a lot of leftover music that didn't make the cut?

Yes. We probably had around 25+ Songs demoed out full band. I definitely hope most of them see the light of day!

Interview by Kara Johnson