Kip Moore

Kip Moore: Quickie 10

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore combines a raw and rustic voice with compelling lyrics of honesty to create a unique sound that’s simultaneously hypnotic and edgy. His voice is weathered by life’s detours and disappointments and strengthened by his dreams and determination. His music is infused with relentless intensity, both of passion and frustration.

The boy who grew up daydreaming about life outside of the small town of Tifton, Ga., became a man who has been continually inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Kris Kristofferson to paint vivid portraits with his lyrics.

1. What hobbies do you have?
Surfing, rock climbing, reading, and fishing

2. What influence of yours do you think fans would be surprised to hear?
Sam Cooke and other old-school R&B

3. Do you put a check next to or cross off list items?
Neither, not really a list guy…

4. Thing you love most in the world is:
Helping people escape momentarily from their tough realities

5. Favorite place to eat out
Any place with a good burger!

6. Did you belong to any clubs or play sports in school?
I played basketball and loved it

7. What is your ringtone?
Don’t have one!

8. Crossing over onto the rock charts has been somewhat par for the course for country artists these days.  Is that something you aspire to do?
If it happens, great.  I’m trying to work on my own genre, haha

9. Are you surprised at how quickly 'Somethin' 'Bout a Truck' has risen on the country charts?
Yes, it’s exciting

10. It has become common practice in the music industry for artists to have no hand in writing song on their albums yet you had a hand in every song on yours.  Is that something you were adamant about when creating your music?
Songwriting is just something that I do and do a lot.  I hold myself and my craft to a high standard, but never said it has to be “my song or nothing.”  Just the way it worked out!

"Something 'bout a Truck' Video

Interview by Kara Johnson