Lost In Los Angeles

Lost In Los Angeles

Lost in Los Angeles have emerged as true sonic storytellers, wandering through hope, love and humanity, while wearing their hearts on their sleeves.Pulling from such varied musical inspirations such as Air, Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Boards of Canada, Deftones, Moby, Flock of Seagulls, Stevie Wonder, Goldfrapp, Elton John, and Jeff Buckley, LiLA stretches musical boundaries on all fronts. Offering listeners personal musings about life and relationships, LiLA gives a voice to those looking to find their way.

Name 2 reasons why you are awesome:

We love lightning bolts. We sometimes procure guitar effects pedals because of their awesome color.

In movies do you root for the good or bad guy?

Depends on which guy wears black. He's our guy.

Beer or liquor?


1 long term goal of yours?

Instant live global-cast where every human being and tree on the planet hears and sees our live performance simultaneously.

Ever tailgate?

Only when we are late.

Do you own any toys?

Yes lots of vintage Casio "Electronic Musical Instruments".

Last city you were in?

Las Vegas

Greatest thing you have seen:

The hotel room at the end of our US tour this summer.

You have claimed a wide array of artists as inspiration. What one artist or band stands out as your largest influence?

Yeah there are so many current and past influences, but collectively we keep coming back to U2.

You recently finished a national tour. Are there plans for another one yet?

Yes planning for 2014 is in the works!

Interview by Kara Johnson