Nothing: Quickie 10

For more than a decade Jeffrey Nothing has been the haunting voice behind Cleveland s pioneering alterna-metal collective Mushroomhead. His distinctive vocals have driven Mushroomhead s frightening extreme performance style, which has garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide. Now Jeffrey Nothing is ready to open the door and reveal the skeletons buried beneath the floorboards with the release of his debut solo album, The New Psychodalia, on October 11th, 2011

1. What are you doing tonight?
Going to get some Sushi with my buddy Sasha. Then some last minute karaoke/ warm up @ 82nd Street. Then packing and getting on the Bus for the Slaughterhouse Roadshow tour. Heading out to our first stop at Club Envy in Muskegon, Michigan with Mushroomhead, Psychostick,  Blue Felix,  TBA and Filthy Hands Label mates: Tenafly Viper and Ventanna. I'll be doing a lot of Promoting for my 1st solo CD "The New Psychodalia" on Suburban Noize Records as well... Should be plenty of Liquor consumed and mad fun had by all, that's for damned sure.

2. Who is the worst role model you can think of?
LeBron James, hands down!  This individual grew up in Akron, Ohio which is a suburb of my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Which is also the city that employed this man for the 1st 7 years of his NBA career. giving him Millions ans also catering to his and his mothers and family and posse's every whim.

In this same time LBJ held this sports franchise hostage. Never  once giving a straight answers on his intentions. Virtually keeping the team from being able to pursue any other big name free agents. His "Decision"

TV special was the most ridiculous reality Television I have ever subjected myself to and was basically Torture for any true Cleveland sports fan of any age. Some "Chosen One". hah! Come to find out after the fact that this loser, hated the city of Cleveland, somehow only caring about Akron. no wonder  countries sometimes hate each other, when a fool from a neighboring city of mine. hates us for no reason.

3. Worst Injury you have had?
Just about 2 weeks ago on September 10th, while traveling to my second movie shoot at: Robert Kurtzman's Precinct 13. to continue filming David "House" Greathouses: "Robot Girl", with my passenger/ girlfriend and female lead of the movie; Alicia Deven Clark. Fate would step in right around the 2/3 traveled point. As we came over a hill the just started drizzle instantly became a monsoon. Before I could think to slow down, her fathers '99 Ford Ranger 4x4 truck began to hydroplane and as I tried to slightly turn to compensate we quickly spun completely around and were now racing backward for the guardrail.  Immediately after impact we proceeded to roll on our side approximately 5 times about the 3rd time the drivers side  window shattered. the truck finally rested and slid on the drivers side. Since seat belts are actually a flawed design, whereas we are only protected against straight forward impact or inward from either side, when we should in fact be in an "X" harness, by some lucky twist of fate my arm and not my head landed out said window and my elbow not my brain helped stop the trucks skid. Exposing bone and muscle the probing of my elbow joint by 2 doctors with hypodermic needle to ensure no micro fractures was easily the most pain I have felt in my entire life.

Luckily although we are both very shook up we are otherwise for the most part Ok.The crazy part is about 20 years ago i visited a Flea market fortune teller. My palm said I would make a lot of money from some form of public speaking and tho I would live a long life, I would have a near death experience.  Hopefully that was it.

4. Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere? If so why?
I guess I would have to my senior year in high school, trying to get into my 1 and only high school football game I ever tried to attend. I guess my choice of winter coat just didn't hide my 3 cans of beer as well as my other friends, that couple mile walk home was a bummer. other than that I was removed from 2 bands in my singing career. One I started and One I joined. Purgatory and White Heat (and no not the hair band) both lasted 3 shows post Jeff Hatrix. So maybe there's some sort of firing me curse. or payback's a bitch. either one is kind of fun.

5. Greatest car ever made is:
I am biased, I drive a black Audi  TT   Roadster convertable . It's a really fun car and I do love driving it my absolute favorite car is the Audi R8,  as seen in the Iron Man movies... If i only has $150,000 I didn't need. life would be grand and probably too fast.

6. What is in your wallet?
A library card, A Gamestop card, a now worthless Borders books discount card, Pictures of my daughter Mea, Lint, a cpl receipts and  New medical card that I conveniently got about a week prior to that amazing joy ride!

7. Can't leave the house without:
My cellphone I guess I kind of forgot what life was like prior to being always connected. came in handy once we were safely pulled from the wreckage and now that i am constantly doing some sort of promo for "The New Psychodalia", or saying goodnight to Mea or something else important.

8. After getting a taste for acting in "13th Sign" do you think you would be interested in working on more movies?
Yeah that's crazy because I just got a call from my agent in Michigan... I guess everyone who sees the movie is loving my work which feels pretty amazing. I guess so much that the company has decided i could become the next Pinhead, Freddy, Leatherface... in other words, a Horror Icon. so they have started a new Production Company virtually just for me. Called: "Iconic Films". Let me tell you that feels pretty F**King Good! between the New record deal and this I have been smiling a lot. This could ruin my rep.

9. How does your solo album "The New Psychodalia" differ from what you have done with Mushroomhead?
The New Psychodalia is very much more all over the map and I know Mushroomhead pushes boundaries but the Nothing stuff is even more so. Way more key changes and tempo changes as well as just different song structure and Musical patterns unused at least for a while in this style or any other. I am very  proud .of this one and can't wait for future endeavors.

10. How many tracks does "The New Psychodalia" have?
It depends if were talking in the digital world of the cover. there are 14 all together. tho "Shut Up!" was meant to be a hidden track some avenues require you list ever one.

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