PitchBlak Brass Band

PitchBlak Brass Band

PitchBlak Brass Band is a Brooklyn-based 10-piece band whose style and sound represents hip-hop from the 1980s to present day. A collective of young musicians, composers and artists, PitchBlak embodies the contemporary and vibrant undercurrents of New York City. PitchBlak’s members have incredibly diverse musical backgrounds, allowing them to infuse hip-hop driven music with funk, rock, jazz and classical genres, resulting in a style as fresh as their dreads, shades and dashikis—rich brass harmonies, lyrical hooks, tongue-twisting raps, and rhythms that make your blood race.

I feel like

I just got off a plane

Ever made a wiki entry?


If you had a title what would you want it to be (prince, king, etc.)?

The Great Gem of The Sky

Do you use Instagram?

Yes, It is my favorite @tubafreshh & @pitchblakbrass

Last vacation you took?

Weston, Vermont this past labor day

Would 12 year-old you want to hang out with adult you?


What do you do to overcome writers block?

Sleep and stop thinking about writing something. No pressure, right?

What is the last song you bought on iTunes?

Work by Iggy Azelea

Do you find it more difficult being a 10-piece band as opposed to a traditional 3-5 piece pop group?

Yes it is way more complicated than a smaller group just in easy logistical things and also it can be very difficult to come to point where everyone agrees.

How important is it for PitchBlak to be a positive influence in your community?

It is a very important to us to be a positive influence for the community and it is important to us to be able to give back. Without public programming (of the musical kind) and help from mentors, many of us in the band would not be playing music and would not have the safe space to explore and be different and creative.

Interview by Kara Johnson