Stormy Strong

Stormy Strong

Stormy's "saltwater rock" is an awesome rock sound, reminiscent of 90's Weezer, Jimmy Eat World and The Pixies. His latest EP, Take Her Down, actually features a kickass cover of "Where Is My Mind," as well as some really great original music.

The "saltwater rock" tag is Stormy's term, combining his love of the ocean with his passion for music, and his music definitely has a grungy, saltwater feel to it. This personal combo of his two passions helps define his sound and is definitely unique to him.

Last time you went for a walk?

Last week I went for a walk on the Santa Cruz Wharf. Check it out if you haven't!

Did you have a clubhouse/treehouse as a child?

Yes, multiple self built "shanty shacks" and one epic redwood treehouse my Dad built in a big oak tree.

Perfect breakfast:

Eggs over easy, Bacon, sausage, hash browns, sourdough toast...french toast or pancakes on the side..bottomless coffee!

Can you read sheet music?

No, I keep a retinue of folks around me that can.

What are you using to answer this "interview"?

I am using myself, MacBook Pro, the internet, electricity and a few other things that would give away my position.

Last thing you talked about?

Guitar parts for recording today!

Must have app?

For me, Gmail

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Yes, but don't tell him I saw him or he will be pissed!

Working with some icons like Lyle Workman and Sean Beavan, was there added pressure to make something legendary yourself?

No, I put the same pressure on myself as always during the recording process and had some great people involved all around. My producers tend to push me the furthest and I like to be pushed sometimes because that's how you level up. Lyle and Sean rock, just professional musical wizards all around and really cool to work with.

With the songwriting accolades you have garnered, have you considered writing music for other artists?

Yes I have, and I have been told that again and again by people inside and outside of the music industry.. I should consider that again! I think that will happen, but Im still honing my craft collaborating on my own material...time moves quick...everything has its time, if meant to be, it will.

Interview by Kara Johnson